Sunday, January 29, 2012

Older Footage

Fly Fishing from Wildlife Matters on Vimeo.

As we seem to be well on our way to another year of record rainfall, I am left to write about fishing rather than get out and experience fishing. In the past few days, we received another inch and a half of rain to an already soaked landscape. The rivers are all at flood stage and it will be several days into the future before we are able to fish once more. For now, I will reminisce.
While searching the Vimeo website the other day for ideas and interesting video, I found a picture of myself on one of the videos. I had completely forgotten about some footage we filmed several years ago.  I was a bit surprised. Mike was then working for the Department of Natural Resources. He was helping to film and produce their Wild Ohio television show. He asked me if I would be interested in filming an episode that highlighted some of the fly fishing opportunities here in Ohio. I was more than happy to help and we set out for the Mad River.
We had a pretty good afternoon of fishing, but much of it was missed on the video due to a few overhanging clouds and some thunder. Once it cleared, we set out to capture enough video to create a short segment for the show. We thought we had some great footage and Mike proved his skills with the editing of that episode. However, the best fishing happened after we shut the camera down. There was not enough light that evening to film the fishing that we experienced, but it was a fantastic night.
On this short segment, I am interviewed. Please excuse some of my answers. I think I mention a “thousands of dollars” fifteen different times. 

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