Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clear Creek and A New Friend

The internet can be a peculiar place. You never know who you are going to meet. I have made a few friends because of the internet and lost a few as well. Today, I made a friend. In November, I posted a link to my blog on a fishing website. One of the guys that responded to this thread was a gentleman named Bruce. Bruce was impressed with the fact that we had caught a few fish on Clear Creek. I sent him a private message and told him that I would be more than happy to meet him there and show him a few spots that have always produced fish for me.
Friday, Bruce sent me another message telling me he would be fishing Clear Creek. He  wanted to know if I was free. Mike and I had planned to fish and we soon made plans to meet Bruce at the park. Unfortunately, Mike was having some car trouble and I was off to fish on my own. My wife was convinced that Bruce was an axe murderer and told me to be careful.
I arrived at the park and found Bruce in the parking lot. He looked like a pleasant man and I did not see an axe in his vehicle- so good, so far. We quickly introduced ourselves and were off in search of trout. He told me where he had fished and I promised to show him a few spots that he had not fished. We were soon parked and headed to one of my favorite holes.  Bruce told me he had fished this whole and warned me of his clumsiness and his casting.
We casted and chatted our way through the run until I finally found a willing fish.  However, it was only one fish and the footprints along the bank let us both know that we were not the only people to fish this stretch today. It was time for a move.
We made our way back to the car and were soon on the road to some water that Bruce had never seen. I told him that this was the prettiest spot in the park and he agreed. We walked our way up as far as we could and began our descent through some pretty fishy looking water.  It did not take long to find fish in this stretch. I quickly hooked up with two on consecutive casts and soon had Bruce fishing the same seam searching for his first fish of the day. He missed a couple before finally settling his hook into a healthy brown. His excitement put a smile on my face. I was satisfied and happy for his success.
We worked our way back to the car. I lost a few more and Bruce hooked up with another pretty brown. Evening had come without warning and our day was soon over.  It was a great day. The weather was gorgeous, the trout were cooperative and I made a new friend. 

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