Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mad River June 24, 2011

Trout on the Mad from Mike McNeese on Vimeo.

My buddy Mike and I were finally able to hit the river this week. The water is running twice as fast as it normally would this time of the year. We fished from 5pm until almost dark. We did see quite a few may flies, but I never saw a fish rise to any of them. There is just so much water for this time of year.
We both managed to land a few trout. The trout fought great in the high, cold water. I am always amazed at how well even the smaller Mad River browns fight. All of the fish came on a Copper John fished under a Goddard Caddis. It is not my favorite way to fish, but it was very effective for the water we fished.
Mike tried out his new HD underwater camera. The footage isn't perfect, but it is pretty neat to see this camera at work. It was great to finally share some time on the river with a good friend, some nice weather, and a few willing fish.