Thursday, November 24, 2011

A little Thanksgiving fishing!

Major holidays are spent with my wife's family. I am fortunate to have married into a family that I enjoy. I enjoy them even more when they move into houses that have ponds on the property. My brother-in-law, Wes, lives in a beautiful house with both a pool and a pond. Since there are no fish in the pool, it is not something that excites me. Besides, November is too cold to swim anyhow. However, the pond does quite a bit to get me excited about a visit to the in laws. I think this video clip sums up my feelings about a visit to the  in laws. I asked the same question and received a similar response. I couldn't agree more... the pond is just perfect for me!
Realizing that I have not fished this month, I grabbed a fly rod and a hand full of flies for some time on the water. After an amazing meal, I just had to try and catch a fish.
It was cold, damp and a bit breezy, but I was determined. The pond is the only back yard pond that I know of with yellow perch. There are some very nice perch in there as well, but today any perch would do. I was lucky enough to find one on my first cast. He was not much bigger than the clouser I was casting, but it was a fish, and a pretty one at that.
I was satisfied, but just like dinner- I wanted more. The water was very cold and the fish were not very active. I did manage to land a small bluegill before the cold and my common sense drove me back inside. It was nice to catch a couple of fish. I have been preoccupied with antlers for the past month, but I think that will all change very quickly.
Oh, and a picture of the pond. Trust me, the pool is there, but there isn't much to see this time of year.