Friday, October 21, 2011

RMNP Video

As I have already posted and described, my trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was surreal. There were very few closed mouth moments. The grandeur of the place is incredible. It has been almost three months and I am still digesting my trip. I am also planning my next one!
I was fortunate that Steve had his video camera along to record the events of my first true back packing adventure into the high country. I have trout fished since I was old enough to walk, but this trip made me feel as if I had come full circle in my fly fishing life.
 I think the most overused word on television is "unbelievable!" If I just watched it, it was believable. I truly try to avoid using the word. However, many of you will think that the title of this video is just that-unbelievable. I am sorry it has taken so long to post this.

Please excuse the stupid grin that never leaves my face and some of the idiotic things I say. I hope you enjoy the scenery and the fish as much as I did. I want to thank Steve and Wes one more time. It sure didn't suck!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Clear Creek 10/8

The weather has been absolutely amazing this week. The evening and mornings are staying nice and cool while the daytime highs have soared into the lower 80’s. The fall foliage is ready to explode any day now. It is just great time of the year to enjoy the outdoors.

Normally an October morning would have found me perched in a tree somewhere with my log bow in hand, but eighty degrees and standing corn are not conducive to finding many deer. Add to that a moon that is almost full and fishing becomes a no brainer.
This morning Morgan and I decided to go to Clear Creek to see if we could find any surviving browns. I love this place, but it suffers from warms temperatures in the summer and very few friends. There are too many people in the area that will keep a trout regardless of its size. I am always able to find a few, but there should be more in a place as pretty as this.
It was a wonderful ride through the country side as we gawked at so many beautifully changing trees. The park in not far from my house and the back roads that take me there are fun to drive. It is a pleasant ride regardless of the time of year, but with the changing colors and my favorite young lady, life does not get much better.
Morgan and I arrived at one of our favorite spots and walked up the road to get to a hidden run that always seems to have a fish or two. We rigged up and realized that the water was much cooler than it had been during our last visit. I was soon fishing and Morgan quickly traded her rod for her camera. She fished a little, but was way too distracted by the scenery. I soon found a fish and was very happy to see such an aggressive little guy. It was not a big fish, but it was a trout that I caught on a fly not twenty minutes from my home. In Ohio, that is a blessing.
We fished and filmed our way around the stream and failed to find another willing fish. We decided to make a stop at my favorite place in the park. This section of the park contains two of the prettiest holes in the park. We worked our way up through this beautiful place and found another willing fish. I was satisfied and soon found myself taking pictures as well.
I could not imagine a finer morning in October spent with a prettier young lady. Today was truly a blessing and one that I won’t soon forget.